Mother’s milk boosts child’s immunity: Dr Komawar


Deolali Camp : Removing the myth around breast feeding, gynaecologist Dr Vibha Komawar said that breast feeding helps improve the health of babies by boosting immune system. “Every mother must understand advantages of breast feeding,” she said.

Dr Komawar was speaking while observing Breast-feeding Week organised by Deolali Innerwheel Club. It is being celebrated from August 1 to Aug 8 at the Cantonment hospital here.

Dr Shama Kulkarni and Dr Alka Swadi who were also present on the occasion tried to remove doubts from the minds of enthusiastic mothers in relation to myths associated with breast feeding. The doctors underlined the importance of breast milk for the child and the mother through audio-visual presentation.

Dr Jayashree Natesh, secretary Bharavi Bakshi, Nivedita Athani and Prof Sunita Adke were also present on the dais. Dignitaries Lata Mane, Shashi Madan, Surekha Gupta, Shila Kamat, Sanjeevani Bakshi, Poonam Lalwani and Mohini Manchanda took special efforts for the success of the programme.