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Monsoon Mood : Happy for some; gloomy for others


NASHIK: The city recently witnessed first monsoon shower that indicated the arrival of the season known for generating many emotions in human beings. Food lovers admire the hot food and tea while others prefer enjoying trekking and visiting popular waterfalls like Someshwar, Dugarwadi. Also, heavy rains are cherished by many as it gives and excuse to skip classes, college, school or even work. Some have a negative attitude towards rains following the darkness it creates. In order to dwell deeper into the understanding of this season, Deshdoot Times interviewed youngsters to know how do they associate with this green season.

“I love monsoon as the rains are satisfying in their own way. Atmosphere becomes pleasant and I personally enjoy getting wet in the rain too. Hot food like Samosa, pakode with hot tea adds to the pros of this season. But, the whole mindset relating to this season changes when I am sad, I find it depressing as it turns dark while it rains and a gloomy day adds on to my sad mood. We also need to cancel plans while it rains and it becomes difficult to travel”.
-Sahil Soni, Nashik

“I don’t like this season at all following the darkness it creates. It’s depressing and negativity is all around. I feel anxious and a certain amount of uneasiness develops within. I have to sit at home all day and I can’t even even go out to play football as my parents don’t allow. I personally feel that these 3 months are the longest in the whole year”.
-Ritik Dalwani, Deolali camp

“People usually prefer staying indoors when it rains but I love staying outdoors. Trekking is my favourite thing to do in the rainy season. Nature gets all the more beautiful and a peaceful vibe enters within. Hot food served during rains is toothsome and spending weekends in hill stations is the best thing you could probably do. Riding my bike during this season is also one of my favourite activities. Good music and clear vicinity is all you need”.
-Aditi Sharma, Bhagur

“I love dancing in the rain. I am a dancer by profession and rains help in expressing my emotions in a better way. Apart from it, reading a book and sipping tea in my balcony is my fixed routine while it rains. There is something special in this season. It feels like magic and it’s the best season of the year. I also associate this season with the feeling of love”.
-Jatin Lokhande, Lam Road



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