Meeting of NMC legal committee held


Nashik: Work by panel of lawyers in judicial process regarding NMC, distribution of houses, number of beneficiaries, unauthorised hoardings and other important subjects were discussed in a meeting of the legal committee of Nashik Municipal Corporation. No substantial decision was taken in it. As members got aggressive after they did not receive the information they demanded in last meeting, chairperson Shital Malode ordered the administration to give information to the members.

The meeting of NMC legal committee was held under its chairperson Shital Malode. Member Salim Shaikh demanded to give information about those lawyers who are working on the panel of lawyers since last five years, cases regarding land acquisition and other matters which were resolved and pending claims. He suggested to apply the property tax to slum dwellers in the city. NMC properties like community welfare hall, gym, library, hall and others are handed over to social organisations.

They are looking after maintenance of these properties at lesser rent. Though this is under judicial consideration, NMC should table a proper report about this in court and should take efforts that these properties should not be given at ready reckoner rate. Make agreements again of those properties which agreements are expired. Give social community welfare halls and gyms at lesser rates to the social organisations, Salim Shaikh demanded.

Mishaps can happen in the city due to bigger hoardings. Their structure audit should be made. If any mishap happen, who will be responsible for this, he asked. There is a norm that if employee is suspended, he/she should be taken back after completion of inquiry, after two years. If this inquiry is not completed within three years, then there is no option for his/her family than suicide, Shaikh said. “If this is happens, I will file case against administration for forcing the family members to commit suicide, he warned.

Santosh Gaikwad drew attention to incomplete works of houses at Anandvalli. 195 houses were to be constructed at Anandvalli. NMC purchased land from MIDC for this. 80 houses were constructed in first phase and distributed. Remaining 120 houses are not constructed yet. Why they are not constructed, he asked.

Legal department’s B U More replied to the questions asked by members. A copy of the information about which the members asked was given to the town secretary, he informed. Informing that houses were distributed as per government instructions, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Bahiram tabled figure about the houses.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner Phadol made it clear that inquiry of suspended employees will be completed soon and proper decision will be taken. Chairperson Shital Malode instructed the administration to take action against those beneficiaries who have given their houses on rent. Bahiram clarified that action will be taken after inquiry into this. The chairperson also instructed to give information to the members in next meeting.

Deputy chairperson Rakesh Donde, Prof. Sharad More, Nilesh Thakre, Himgauri Aher and other members were present for the meeting.