Mayor pays sudden visit to Ramkund


Nashik : The sanitary workers are not taking cleanliness at Ramkund area seriously, despite instructions by Mumbai High Court to Nashik Municipal Corporation regarding prevention of Godavari pollution. This matter came to light during a sudden visit by Mayor Ranjana Bhansi to Ramkund. After she found that only 18 workers, out of 34 workers appointed to maintain cleanliness in the area were present, she ordered health department to cut their day’s salary.

Since last few days, ghantagadis are not arriving regularly in the city and piles of garbage are seen along the road and in chowks. Corporators have complained about this.

Following orders by Mumbai High Court, security guards have been appointed at Godghat to maintain cleanliness and banners regarding this have been installed at various places.

It has come to light that sanitary workers are not taking cleanliness work at Ramkund seriously. This came to a light during a sudden visit by Mayor Ranjana Bhansi, corporator Arun Pawar and Jagdish Patil. After paying visit to attendance shed of sanitary workers, the Mayor found that only 18 employees out of total 34 were present. Mayor was informed that sanitary inspector Sanjay Gosavi was on leave. Assistant sanitary inspector Maru was not seen present there. When asked, Maru informed the Mayor that he was working at another place. When the Mayor asked him let’s go there and conduct inspection there, Maru admitted that he had just gone there. In this way, functioning in the health department came to light before the Mayor.

Following this when the Mayor inspected cleanliness work in Ramkund area, she found that no cleanliness work was done. Instead she found piles of garbage. It also came to light that though cleanliness was expected before religious rites in the morning, it had not been done.

The Mayor also found waste on large scale in Lokmanya Vidyalaya area in east ward. Taking note of this matter, the Mayor ordered the health department to cut a day’s salary of those workers who remained absent. She also asked to start biometric attendance for workers.