Mayor hints at tax hike


Nashik: After the Municipal Commissioner made it clear that the fund of corporators will remain at Rs. 40 lakh, the Mayor hinted at a tax hike while emphasising on increasing the fund of corporators to Rs. 75 lakh. With this, the subject is likely to be tabled in the next General Body Meeting.

The standing committee had suggested the tax hike, but it could not take place due to a technical problem. The Mayor in the last GBM had announced an increase in the corporators’ fund from Rs. 40 lakh to 75 lakh. The budget was approved with necessary corrections, but NMC is functioning on government grant as octroi was scrapped.

As there are no more options to increase revenue sources, citizens can face the tax hike. The Mayor hinted regarding this yesterday. Corporators should receive proper funds to do development works in their prabhags. Fund of Rs. 75 lakh is proper, she said. They can do various development works through this, but when asked about options for revenue increase, she hinted at the tax hike.

Though the Municipal Commissioner has made his stand clear on the corporators’ fund, the proposal passed by General Body Meeting has still not reached him, the Mayor mentioned.

Corporators fund will not be cut. Efforts will be made to get consolidated grant from Maharashtra government, she informed. The fund of Rs. 95 crore (Rs. 75 lakh each) is expected for corporators’ fund. While increasing revenue through various ways, the tax hike will be imposed, the Mayor informed further. With this, average citizens are likely to face the burden of tax hike.