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Mastermind nabbed in Muthoot Finance firing case


Four suspects still on run, police said relatives gave tip-off of the trap

Nashik : After ten days long intense search Nashik City Police have successfully nabbed the mastermind of Muthoot Finance robbery case. The suspect named Jitedra Vijay Bahadur Singh Rajput (resident of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh) who has been captured from Surat, Gujarat, is said to be mastermind of robbery, according to the police.

In a press conference, the police commissioner Vishwas Nagare Patil informed that the one suspect of the case has been captured while others are on the run. The suspects are identified as Akash Vijay Bahadur Singh Rajput, Parminder Singh, Manish Rai, Pappu aka Anuj Sahu, Subhash Gaur and Guru.

All the suspects are from different states including Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Gujrat.  The police conducted interstate search operations in which two suspects managed to run away from trap set by the police.  Police informed that the robbery was planned by all of them in a wedding in Uttar Pradesh in February and Manish Rai acted as a coordinator between them. The suspects were staying at Gaur’s place which was a rented room in Shramik Nagar area.

Nagare Patil Said, “The plan of robbery by the suspects was very smart. While on run the suspects changed their bikes and clothes to get away from the Nakabandi. The bike numbers are also fake and are registered in name of local residents. The only reason the robbery was not a success is because of the bravery of the IT technician Sanju Samuel.”

Samuel was shot at and lost his life in the bid. Police said that the intense manhunt in the case is going on currently and two teams are already on their way to nab the suspects. The police assured that the suspects will be captured very soon.

In the press conference, Nagare Patil also highlighted that the security company provided only one personnel, while it is mandatory that at least two security personnel should be there. In every police station the number of beat marshal has been extended to five, quick response code has also been activated with visible patrolling.


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