Licence to be cancelled if food grain is not distributed through PoS


Supply dept issues notices to fair price shop owners
Nashik: The computerisation of entire PDS system is being done to ensure that beneficiaries should get food grain and its proper distribution. 2600 Point of Sale (PoS) machines have been installed at fair price shops in the district for online distribution of food grain. Food grain will be distributed to consumers after biometric verification, but during inspection it has come to light that many shop owners are not using the PoS machine. The supply department has issued notices to such shop owners asking why their licences not to be cancelled.

The supply department has started biometric method system scheme to bring transparency in food grain distribution. Accordingly, beneficiary has to place his thumb on machine to verify after it goes to fair price shop to bring the food grain. Thereafter, entire data of beneficiary will appear immediately. The receipt having the food grain to be distributed to him/her and amount will be issued from the machine. On the basis of this receipt, fair price shop owner will distribute the food grain to him/her. As transactions are taking through e-PDS way, it will help in bringing transparency in supply system, confided the supply department, but during inspection it has been found that food grain distribution is not taking place at many shops in the district.

The supply department has sought talukawise information of such shops through concerned tehsildar. It started to issue notices to such shop owners asking why their licences not to be cancelled.

Central government has started Digital India amidst grand fanfare. It reached the system which run on internet connectively in rural area and has made it mandatory to do all works on it. As there is internet connectivity problems in rural area, it is difficult for consumers to get the food grain in time through PoS machine. As a result, many consumers had to deprive from the food grain during diwali. It has become a headache for consumers.

If PoS machine is catching the internet connectivity, then fingerprint will be accepted online, but following lack of the internet connectivity in many areas, it is difficult for consumers in these areas to get the food grain in time. All fair price shops go online, but government has failed to reach proper internet facility in rural area. Aadhaar cards of family members of beneficiary has been linked to food grain distribution system. As a result, while buying the food grain, it is necessary to take finger print of one member of the family at PoS machine in the shop. Food grain will be given after verification of the finger print, but many times finger print of beneficiary cannot be identified at the machine. In addition, there is problem of internet connectivity.

A work is going on to digitise all ration cards. Aadhaar card of ration card holders is being linked, but due to large scale mistakes during data entry work, many do not get the food grain. Many works in it have not completed yet.

There are many complaints about PoS machines which are supplied for Nashik, but there is no solution on this. Shop owners have to work on these machines due to fear of action.