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Leopard rescued from well after 3-hour effort

Deshdoot Times DT City News

Leopard rescued from well after 3-hour effort

Nashik: Forest department officials and local police Friday rescued a male leopard that had fallen into a well in the farm of Namdeo Devram Naikwade and Rajendra Pandharinath Naikwade at Nandurmadhyameshwar.
The rescue operation was successfully carried out between 6 am to 2:30 pm.
After hearing dog barkings and wails of the male leopard at 4 am Namdeo Naikwade woke up from the sleep and rushed in that direction.
After noticing the leopard in the well, he immediately informed the Police Patil.  Forest department official Sanjay Bhandari and the rescue team reached the spot at 6 am. After three hours of’ efforts, the leopard was rescued successfully. A cage was lowered into the well to rescue the leopard. It was taken thereafter to the nursery.

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