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Roads in city wear a sparse look


The Wednesday weekly market on Gangaghat was halted by NMC due to direction of no gathering in crowds.


A normal routine in Nashik city has slowed down over fear of Coronavirus pandemic. Roads in market areas wore a deserted look on Wednesday. Most Nashikites are seen stepping out of their homes by covering their mouth with mask and handkerchief.

As people are avoiding to visit crowded places, main market areas in the city, railway station, bus stands, Ravivar Karanja and Gangaghat wore a sparse look. Similarly, the situation was no different in Bhadrakali market, Panchavati, Nimani, Ashok Stambh, Shivaji Road, Shalimar and Gangapur Road area. Many people have decided to stay at home.

Meanwhile, considering the reduction in the number of consumers, some businessmen in various parts of the city have started to close their shops for two-three hours in the afternoon. Citizens rushed to vegetable market over fear of no availability of vegetables for the next few days.

As people have decided not to step out of a home without any purpose, auto-rickshaw drivers are waiting for the passengers. Auto-rickshaw drivers have to wait for one-two hours to get their number, informed auto-rickshaw drivers in CBS, Godaghat, Panchavati Karanja and Ravivar Karanja area.


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