Add’l employees appointed for Godavari cleanliness


Nashik : Godavari conservation cell has been established at Nashik Municipal Corporation for Godavari cleanliness. Besides this 50 security guards have been appointed for cleanliness of 14-km Godavari bed. Additional 65 security guards have been appointed again for cleanliness of 50-metre area, informed Deputy Municipal Commissioner Rohidas Dorkulkar.

As Godavari cleanliness issue is becoming serious every passing day, NMC is conducting various measures. As a part of this, NMC has formed a separate cell. Separate officials and employees have been appointed for this. After noticing that Godavari bed has not been cleaned despite this, 50 former soldiers have been appointed in Godaghat area as well as in principal areas. Pollution has been curbed with this.

While taking penal action, these employees have taken action against those citizens found washing clothes and vehicles in no washing zone at Godaghat. This helps in Godavari cleanliness, but considering number of employees and width of Godavari bed, appointment of additional employees was required. Accordingly, additional 65 employees will be appointed. These employees will prevent polluting activities and take penal action against those who found uncleaning Godavari river area.

Total 115 will now work for Godavari cleanliness and will work in two shifts.