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Kites in various forms, shapes available in market

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Kites in various forms, shapes available in market



NASHIK: A few days have left for Makar Sankranti. Market is flooded with various types of kites. Children’s and Young’s have made their planning to celebrate Makar Sankranti with enthusiasm.

In a feature on Wednesday, we talked about the safety and cautions to be taken while flying a kite. Today we talk about various types of kites. Patang, Delta-wing, Tukkal, Stunt Kite, Sky Lanterns have their own special identity. They are available at Rs 4, 5, 8, and 10 each.

Patang: This is one of the most popular kite. This kite is useful for ‘Kata-Kati’. It is everyone’s favourite! Even though it’s a standard kite, the Patang is a brilliant option for those who want to enjoy the day!

Delta-wing: Delta-wing kites are not attractive only, but fly high much earlier compare to other kites. Here’s a tip for the expert kite-fliers: It is a better option for kite-flying game.

Tukkal: This lantern-shaped kite is reserved only for the highest level of kite-fliers. Designed in a different manner, it is not for kite flying game. It is for those who want to enjoy kite flying.

Stunt Kite: It is a beginners choice.The Stunt kite is a better option for them. They do no require much wind.
Sky Lanterns: Sky lanterns are a perfect way to bring an end to the day’s festivities.


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