Jayakwadi dam has filled up to half its capacity


Nashik : Jayakwadi, a major irrigation project in Marathwada has filled up to half its live storage capacity due to heavy inflows from upstream dams located in Nashik district, during the current monsoon season.

The dam has so far filled up to 40 TMC of its estimated 80 TMC capacity after discharge of water from Nashik dams, according to local irrigation sources. “Till 6 pm on August 5, a total of 40 TMC of water has reached the Jayakwadi dam,” it added.

In the month of July itself, heavy rains in the catchment areas of the district dams had forced the irrigation department to discharge water twice from Nandurmadhy- ameshwar reservoir at the speed of over 60,000 cusecs to Jayakwadi.

In the mean time, the irrigation department has stopped discharging water from Gangapur dam to Jayakwadi. However, 3500 cusecs of water is still being released from upstream reservoirs of Nandurmadhyameshwar followed by Darna (1850 cusecs), Palkhed (1500 cusecs), Kadwa (180 cusecs), Bhojapur (100 cusecs) and Alandi (85 cusecs) following substantial rainfall in the catchment areas.

Meanwhile, over the past two days, maximum temperature in the city is hovering around 29 degrees Celsius with record of max temperature of 29.1 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 22.3 yesterday, with zero mm of rainfall over the past two days.