ISRO to pitch in for Nashik’s development


Nashik: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has decided to now use the work and research done by it in the artificial satellite sector for urban development. It has developed a special technology based on the information received from satellites and has started to use it for development of the country. The project which will be developed for Nashik district through this will become a pathfinder for others, stated scientist of ISRO Dr. Divakaran.

He was speaking during a planning and development workshop organised at the district collectorate in presence of ISRO scientists. Dr. Divakaran said that he got the opportunity to contribute in the space research by ISRO. Usage of research by ISRO in development planning of various states has been effective. It has been largely seen in the work done for Indian archaeological department, Telangana and Karnataka states. Nashik has been chosen as the first district for this work at the district level. A team of scientists consisting of Dr. Suresh Rao and Dr. Uday Raj will work with the district administration for this special project, he added.

Efforts taken by MP Godse to initiate the use of ISRO’s satellite technology in Nashik’s development have borne fruit and his concepts will be worked upon in planning and development of Nashik, mentioned Dr. Divakaran.

Dr. Uday Raj, Dr. Suresh Rao and others made presentation of maps and images of Bhuvan – Panchayat, Bhuvan 3D and Bhuvan.NRSC applications received through satellites.

MP Hemant Godse, MLA Yogesh Gholap, Dr. Girishkumar, Shrinivasan, Dr. Yashwant Rao, Dr. Manjunathan, Dr. Suresh Rao, ZP CEO Deepakkumar Meena, deputy forest conservator Ramanujan, deputy regional transport officer Bharat Kalaskar, Resident Deputy District Collector Ramdas Khedkar and all principal government officers were present.

The presentation of ISRO’s satellite technology for urban usage was made for college and school students, teachers and citizens in the afternoon session of the workshop.

Technology will be used more and more effectively for administration and citizens in association with ISRO. Priority for subjects will be fixed to work with ISRO for Nashik’s development. The district planning officer will work as coordinator. The administration in association with various departments will give information about geo-tagging, agriculture, water resources, forest, land area-ownership for use by the Bhuvan portal, informed District Collector Radhakrishnan B.

The research by ISRO will be used for science based efforts for development. Nashik’s planning and development will get momentum with coordination between district administration and ISRO to collect and analyse information in a scientific manner. Scientific information will be available through this for water resources, road development, emergency situations and other works. This will be used for both government and citizens, stated MP Hemant Godse.