Investiture ceremony held at Silver Oak Universal


Nashik: John Adams has rightly said‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader’ and the Investiture Ceremony of Silver Oak Universal School certainly brought these words to life and highlighted the relevance of leadership that always distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary. It was a proud moment for the Management, staff and students of Silver Oak Universal School as the Student Council for the new session was invested with honours and ranks at the sprawling Dugaon Campus of the school.

The nominated students were asked to campaign their candidature during the morning assembly for a week before the elections. The school authorities took efforts to enliven and venture the idea of the students casting their votes through an online polling and thus electing their representatives in a fair and just manner. It happened to be a significant event in terms of learning as the student council had been democratically elected by the staff and the student body through an online electionand eventually the leaders were appointed.

The Investiture Ceremony began with the sashes and badges being presented to the Head Boy, Head Girl and Sports Captains of the Sharanpur as well as the Dugaon Campus. Sashes and badges were then awarded to the House Captains, Vice Captains, of the four houses, Air, Water, Fire and Earth respectively. Cut from the same cloth and woven in strands of integrity, sincerity and honesty, the Student Council took an oath to live up to the expectations and work in sync with the mission of the school. The students marched with buoyancy and proudly placed the School Flag and the House Flags in the Flag Post.

The Principaladdressed the council members and congratulated them on their appointment as the School Representatives. He exhorted the Council Members to take up their responsibility diligently and stressed on the accountability bestowed upon them by the school. The dignified grace on the faces of the elected council members ensured that they possess the required aptitude for being the front runners of the school. The ceremony came to a befitting end with the School Anthem being vocalized in unison.