Innovative activity conducted in New Era English school


Nashik : A plethora of activities have conducted in New Era English School to help students to discover their latent talent. To mark the festive occasion of Diwali, a unique post card activity was conducted. The students from primary section participated in this activity.

This activity made the students aware of the journey of a letter. It is the need of the time, as the postman is completely out of sight from the society due to the modern means of communication. Students got acquainted with the procedure of sending a letter. All the students with great warmth, love and affection prepared a postal greeting card for their parents wishing them ‘Happy and Prosperous Diwali’. The feelings of the children were exhilarating when they posted the card in the letter box.

This was a momentum moment for the children which would be cherished throughout their life. This was indeed an awaited moment for the parents from their loved ones.