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Injured leopard starved to death


Nashik : The Nashik West Forest Department on Friday recovered a dead body of a two year old leopard cub from cowshed at Shevage Darna, Trimbakeshwar. It had several injuries on neck and chest. The forest department suspect that the cub died due to starvation.

The farmer from Shevage Darna village, early morning found out that the leopard has taken shelter in his cowshed. He immediately contacted forest department with help of other villagers. After getting panic call, the rescue team from Nashik and Trimbak Range Forest Office, reached the spot.

They analyzed the space and the cowshed. The forest team found out that the leopard is not moving. The officials took risk and entered the cowshed, but unfortunately found that the leopard is dead.  Postmortem revealed that the cub was injured from about last six months and died out of starvation.


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