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Indian Spotted Eagle sighted at Waghad


NCSN team spotted 45 bird species including 25 migratory

Nashik: Nature Conservation Society of Nashik (NCSN) conducted a bird survey on 16th January 2020 from morning 7.30 am to a morning at 10.30 am at Waghad Dam. Waghad Dam is an earth-fill dam on Kalwan River near Dindori on Peth Road in Nashik district.

The team of NCSN scanned the area and recorded 45 species and with around 500 individual birds during the survey. Out of which 25 species were migratory. The team spotted birds like Common Crane, Northern Shoveller, and Northern Pintail which come all the way from Europe.

The Project Co-ordinator Pratiksha Kothule said, “Waghad Dam is an undisturbed wetland and a large number of migratory birds visit here every winter. One can find Wetland as well as Grassland birds in the vicinity.

Every year NCSN visits the place and studies the migratory birds during this time. The area was first discovered by renowned bird-lover and founder of NCSN late Bishwarup Raha. He first noticed that a big number of birds visit this area and have a similar yet undisturbed niche like the only wetland bird sanctuary – Nandur Madhmeshwar.”

The process of migration is the seasonal movement of wildlife from one habitat to another. In the winter, when food sources are limited in northern areas, birds fly to southern areas that have mild weather and abundant food.

The movement is to avoid cold temperatures and find more food. Insectivores and fruit eaters can find food, by moving south, that they could never find in a harsh winter environment.

Indian Spotted Eagle sighted

The globally endangered species Indian Spotted Eagle was sighted by the team of Nature Conservation Society of Nashik. The bird species are rarely sighted in Nashik and was first times spotted at the Waghad. The bird is bigger in size than the common kite and smaller than eagle. The structure is totally identical to that of a Eagle. The team included Project Co-ordinator of NCSN Pratiksha Kothule), Pooja Kothule Field Officer at NCSN, Ajinkya Dharaskar intern, forest guard Shirsat and volunteer Nishita Kothule.

Bar Headed Goose Spotted

The highest-flying bird in the world ‘Bar-headed Goose’ was also spotted at Waghad. This bird crosses high Himalayan ranges including the highest mountain Mount Everest during its migration. Grassland birds like Red-headed Bunting and Black-headed Bunting migrate from Kazakhstan and Turkey respectively.


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