Illegal cupboard issue to be resolved


Nashik : A scheme by state government to regularise illegal constructions in the state received approval on Saturday. The government has taken a decision about this. Illegal constructions will be declared as compounding structure by taking compound charge. Government has decided to publish a notification in government gazette for this purpose. Meanwhile, illegal cupboard cases in Nashik city will be resolved after this decision.

The state government will declare illegal constructions as compounding structure by taking the compound charge from them. These illegal constructions will be regularised now. Four times of the current fine will be recovered. 2% development charges, 2% compounding charges, 10% premium plus 50% construction charges, amounting to total 18% fine will be charged. In this way, a way is clear for 2500-3000 illegal cupboard cases to get completion certificates.

The technical problem regarding cupboard is existed in the city since last 2.5 years.  After survey of controversial cupboards, it had come to light that the city had around 3,000 cases. After the then Municipal Commissioner Dr. Pravin Gedam, as per government order, had urged to file application to inform government about cupboard issue, not a single developer had filed the application. After transfer of Dr. Gedam, he had issued an order to recover two-fold premium for regularisation of illegal construction.

After the government had rejected to develop TDR along the roads having 9-metre width in January, 2016, the cupboard issue had become more complex then. There was possibility to resolve it after government had approved a policy to regularise illegal constructions, but High Court had stayed this decision. Finally, government took a decision to convert this scheme into a law and it was finalised on October 7.

The government had sought suggestions and objections regarding this decision which was taken to regularise illegal constructions. Illegal constructions before December 31, 2015 will be regularised under this scheme. If there is additional construction in side margin, building height, parking and balcony, it will be regularised. Nashik will get huge relief under this scheme.

There is breach of FSI norm in Nashik city. As issue of FSI has been included in this new scheme, the controversial cupboard issue will be resolved.