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Igatpuri, hill station with bumpy ride



Igatpuri town will soon be a hill station on the backdrop of Lonavla-Khandala, recently announced by the state’s Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection and Guardian Minister of Nashik, Chhagan Bhujbal. Due to the heavy movement, the old Mumbai-Agra highway in Igatpuri and various parts in it have been in a very miserable condition. Residents are demanding that the road should be immediately repaired.

While the main road in Igatpuri is paved with potholes, the administration is busy pointing fingers at each other. Tourists, as well as town dwellers, are trying to miss the pits, with small accidents occurring daily, which is often becoming a matter of dispute. Many civilians were injured, including two-wheeler damaged.

Drivers are experiencing various spinal issues due to constant travel on the bumpy road. As a result, the cost of vehicle maintenance and as well as of settling health issue has increased. Citizens are demanding that the public works department should take notice of the road and repair it at least. The road was developed and concretized five years ago with a cost of Rs 14 crores.

The road has come under the list of main district highway. Due to the poor quality of work, the road has been degraded within two years. The number of potholes has increased every year and now they have become fatal. On the other hand, the administration is blaming the excessive rains in the region.

Near the railway station of the city, as well as near Dena Bank, Buddha Vihar, Tikapuri, bus station, Hotel Shivam, Shiv Sena office, Vegetable Market Road, Ram Mandir, Tin-Lakdi bridge and at other parts of the city the road has a pothole size a half a metre and more than that. It has become very difficult to drive and even walk on the road. Tourists are also expressing their displeasure with the condition of the road.

Due to a large number of potholes, the numbers of accidents have increased in the city. We have to raise this issue since last two years but nothing has been done. Lot of dust is also blowing and the pedestrians are suffering due to that.
                                                                                                                          – Nitin Chandwadkar, local resident
In some parts of Igatpuri town, a large number of potholes are there on main road resulting in traffic congestion which caused the citizens to suffer. People continue to suffer from spinal diseases due to constant travel on this road. The issue is being neglected by the administration from time to time. It is our expectation that the concerned department should pay attention to this and repair road.

                                                             – Prathamesh Purohit, Head of Local and Disaster Management Group

I have been driving a vehicle for the last 20 years. The main road in the town has virtually been cleared. This has also increased the cost of the car. The two-minute journey takes about half an hour due to the incessant traffic congestion. Accidental patients come in large numbers because of the proximity of Agra highway, but due to such road conditions, ambulance does not arrive in time.
                                                                                                                             – Nawaz Inamdar, vehicle holder

This road, which is the main road in the town of Igatpuri, was constructed five years ago by the public works department, with a cost of Rs 14 crore. But the road was distorted within two years. There is a lot of encroachment on the side of the road. In such a case, the municipality officer does not accept responsibility for this road. On the other hand, the construction department is advancing the cause of municipal limits. Now, the general public has to ask where to complain.
                                                                                                                        – Sumit Bodhak, city president, MN


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