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Howzat?!… : It’s vacation time

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Howzat?!… : It’s vacation time


ABHISHEK VIBHANDIK / NASHIK: There are many sports to play, tennis, table tennis, cricket, hockey, baseball, and basketball. Cricket is primarily a favorite sport in this. This game plays from children to youth.

A few days ago, the ongoing examinations of the school and college have ended and all the vacations are starts. And during these holidays someone goes out to sing and then plays a cricket club or street cricket.

The grounds that were heard when the school and college were running, which were heard by the plains, were seen to be full of playing field. Once upon a time, the outside of the house that comes out of the house on Sunday and Saturday to play cricket, it appears that now every day the children are playing cricket.

There are few cricket clubs in Nashik city where most of the crowds are playing cricket. There are crowds gathered in Mahatma Nagar and Anant Kanhere grounds to play cricket from the morning. This is the highest number of people from children to youngsters.

Deshdoot times talks to some nashikites
While schools and colleges were not getting much time to play cricket or tuition classes, they did not get time to play cricket. During this period, there was no doubt in the field. But, after school, they are seen playing cricket on the field all the way from the small to the big on the field after the college paper.
– Salil Shekhar Paranjpe, Cricket Lover

Cricket was not played much in the initial times. Since the beginning of the IPL, the number of cricketers, both young and old, has increased day by day since the start of the IPL. You have been shown that the school and college, class, which had been closed on the field after the completion of the paper, has disappeared completely. Some children come to the field to play cricket after school and college so that they want to become their favorite cricketer.
– Rajat Upasani, Cricketer

Children do not get time to play due to class and school. School papers become so that all the boys can play this fun because playing is important while studying is important and play is also important. This also causes the body to exercise and play. This makes the children more fit. They get up early and play cricket on the field. Sometimes they play cricket in the street.
– Kiran Mali, Parent

During the exam period, there was no scope for playing cricket. I have play cricket regularly. but in the exam period, it is not possible. Now in the vacation I will play cricket with my friend.
– Shubham Kabra, student


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