Hoolalaa! Here is Nashik’s First Pan Ice cream


Nashik (Vaidehi Joshi) | From children to old ones everyone loves Ice cream! And what if I tell you that you can get an ice cream made on pan!! Crazy concept, isn’t it? But yes, that’s true!

While finding up about some interesting we came to know about “Hoolala ice cream” who came up with this amazing idea of “Paan Roll ice cream”! These types of ice cream corners are very much famous in much foreign country and even in some metro cities of India. And that’s what made me super excited about this very first Pan Ice cream in Nashik that I decided to visit this place on the same day.

This is the very first place in Nashik which has this type of ice creams. When I went inside, all I wanted to see is how so they make it! An ice cream made on Pan is definitely not a common thing and so I asked them to let me watch it. But for that I had to choose my favorite flavor from their list! You won’t believe that they have more than 25 different flavors in Pan Ice cream and each of them is way different yet damn delicious at the same time. After thinking a lot, I chose Choco almond!

Now I was excited to see how they are gonna make it! He poured cream and milk mixture on the pan. He then added chopped almonds, choco nuts and chocolate sauce and mixed it rigorously. After properly mixing it, he then spread it on the pan.

Then he rolled the ice cream through special tool into small rolls. The ice cream was then placed into small cups and garnished with choco chips, chopped almonds and rainbow sprinkles.

I was totally amazed and equally excited to try it. With every bite, I could taste all the wonderful ingredients in it. Sometimes if the ice cream is too sweet, it can be irritating, but this ice cream was appropriately sweet. Many youngsters from all over the city are frequently visiting this place and its became one of the most popular place in town.
This Pan Ice crème is definitely an mouthwatering experience.

After experiencing this surprisingly great taste of Pan Ice cream by Hoolala ice cream shop, I can surely assure that everyone must visit this place ones this summer to experience this amazingly delicious pan ice cream!