Honour killing: Court pronounces capital punishment for father


Nashik: The district and sessions court yesterday pronounced capital punishment to the father who had killed his 9 months pregnant daughter with a rope in an auto rickshaw for her inter-caste marriage. The court also awarded life imprisonment, jail term for 10 years and fine of Rs. 5,000 under another section. It is being claimed that this is the first capital punishment awarded for honour killing.

The name of the accused is Eknath Kisan Kumbharkar (43, resident of More farm, Bhadangebaba’s chawl, Kakad Bag, Panchavati). This incident took place on June 23, 2013. It was the first case of honour killing in Nashik district.

The name of the victim was Pramila Deepak Kamble (22, resident of Kamgarnagar). She was in love with Deepak Kamble, resident of Kamgarnagar and they had married one year before the incident. Her father Eknath Kumbharkar had come to her residence on June 23, 2013 in the wee hours and stated that her grandmother was seriously ill and asked Pramila to come to meet her. Pramila’s mother-in-law had sent her with her father without any suspicion.

After the auto rickshaw reached Savarkarnagar area, Kumbharkar had asked the rickshaw driver to call his maternal uncle from the hospital and sent him to the hospital. Thereafter he had strangulated his daughter Pramila with a rope in the auto rickshaw. When the rickshaw driver returned, the murder came to light.

Hearing of the case was going on in the court of district and sessions judge Suchitra Ghodke. Adv. Pournima Naik was the government counsel and made the court aware that the accused had murdered his daughter after planning for a year. Statements by the rickshaw driver, investigating officer and police inspector Rajesh Akhade and forensic lab’s Dr. Pawar became important. The rope which was used for the murder of Pramila became an important evidence.

Taking cognizance of these evidences, judge Ghodke awarded capital punishment for the murder of his daughter, life punishment for abducting his daughter with the objective of killing her, 10 years’ RI for causing death of foetus and fine of Rs. 5,000 to Eknath Kumbharkar. Meanwhile, there was no sign of repentance on the face of Kumbharkar.