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Photo Gallery: Home Guards’ office remains neglected


Lack of funds pushing it to closure

Prashant Nikale


Walking from the corner of CBS, opposite to the District Court an old rusty gate with a letter engraved on it ‘Home Guards Nashik’. There is nothing attractive in place that a common person will even take a moment to take a glance. But, when you take a proper look at the settlement, the person realizes that it’s a District Head Office of Home Guards, which has a legacy from the post-independence era.

The District Head Office of the Home Guards, opposite District Session Court, is turning relics. The office at CBS corner has been neglected by every agency in the district administration. The negligence has made the place look like a mess.

The broken old building of the office doesn’t look promising to a person that it’s an important office. Once the storage room, which had all the types of equipment, utensils, gas stoves and other equipment is now totally empty. Two years ago the burglars stole everything from there and nothing new since then has taken its place, informed the officials at the office.

The office of Home Guards smells like the fugue is eating the place. At the garage space, there is blue rusted, standing with flat tires, troop van, which is in no condition to go anywhere. Only two rooms are in use for the administrative purpose from a two-storey building.

The office was inaugurated on December 24, 1967. The cornerstone at the office says, ‘Nashik district Civil Defence Welfare Center, inaugurated by Vyankatrao Hiray, deputy minister of Rural Development and Electricity ’.
The officials there informed that there are a total of 2286 Home Guards personnel currently in Nashik district. The

Home Guards was established on December 6, 1946, by Morarji Desai as an auxiliary to police. In 1959 it was established in every district as a Civil Defense Unit.

No Way out

The work of smart road has left no way out for the District Home Guards Office. The opening gate has been totally blocked by road with feet high concrete. The officials working there have made a gully like a way to take their vehicles in and out. The Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Shramishtha Walavalkar has communicated with Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) several times but nothing has been done yet.

No funds available

The in-charge of district Home Guard ASP Shramishtha Walvalkar said that the Home Guards is a part of Civil Defense and auxiliary to police. There are no special reserved funds for them. “We have no funds to repair the office or take any equipment. There is also no plan to shift the place because of lack of funds.”


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