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Helmet compulsion : For disciplining or recovery of fine


NASHIK: Five days have been passed since enforcement of helmet rule in the city on May 13. Fine to the tune of lakhs of rupees has been recovered so far from two-wheeler riders for breach of helmet rule and from car operators for violating seat-belt rule. Meanwhile, stricter action on the part of traffic police raising a few questions in the minds of Nashikites who are on one hand ready to pay fine for breach of rule, while on the other hand preparing themselves for maintaining traffic discipline for a smooth and safer journey sans traffic congestion.
However it is being observed that the traffic police while recovering fine from the riders at specific check-posts througout the city diverting their attention to just recovery of fine from the two-wheeler riders and car owners.
In the process traffic jams occur at several points which is not in commensurate with the very spirit of traffic safety rules. It is the sheer responsibility of the traffic police who conduct helmet compulsion drive vigourously in the city to look after other side of the traffic rule i.e. maintenance of smooth traffic flow and avoidance of jams without causing inconvenience to people.
The drive which has exdtensively been undertaken between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm and in the evening till 6.00 pm on daily basis by the traffic police at the behest of the city police commissioner, has widely been welcomed by Nashikites. At several prime locations in the city including College Road, Shalimar and Gangapur Road however heated arguments were being witnessed between the police and the public over the dilemma whether the drive is for maintaining traffic discipline or being implemented to recover money?
At several place in the city, the picture is that police going tough against the two-wheeler riders, while at the same time, autorickshaws blocking the road filling their vehicles with passengers over the capacity. Is is not violation of the basic principle of traffic safety rule? people questioning. Under the same law and same circumstances, there should not be two separate rules, they opine. “Action is being taken against two-wheeler riders and the car owners, but what about auto drivers who violate traffic rules, block roads and overload their vehicles to its capacity? They should also be fined. Discipline should also be for them”, say irate people.
The objective behind imposing the helmet and seat belt rule is to instil a habit of driving discipline for a safety of the people. But it seems that the police are more focusing on registering a case and recovering a fine from the riders.
Interestingly, while taking action against the law breakers, traffic police are busy with issuing e-challan instead of applying paper receipts to recover fine amount. They are telling the people that they will receive acknowledgement of fine charged on their mobile. However 40% of the people did not receive feedback on their mobiles. In some cases, people received new e-challans of the renewed fine amount, instead of the cash receipt they paid earlier.
There was also a case that Rs 200 fine was recovered and later the same person received a challan of Rs 1500 on his mobile. The people are not understanding the ‘double fine’ arithmetics of the traffic branch and urging them to correct it without causing any inconvenience, mental torture to the common citizen.


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