Heated discussions over water scarcity in NMC standing committee meet


Nashik: Though there is enough water stock in Gangapur dam, water is released with low pressure intentionally at many places. Officials are doing nothing though there is rise in complaints from citizens, alleged standing committee members and expressed strong disappointment over functioning of water supply department. Question over security of water tank in Panchavati has emerged and chairperson Shivaji Gangurde approved the subject regarding appointment of security guards at water supply system and water tanks in the city.

The meeting of NMC standing committee was held under its chairperson Shivaji Gangurde. At the beginning, members drew attention of the chairperson to artificial water scarcity in some parts of the city. They demanded a clarification on why some areas receive low pressure water supply? Attention was also drawn to the fact that as valvemen in Cidco and Satpur area are not releasing water in time, these are receiving low pressure water supply. If complaint is made with concerned officials, water is regularised for some time. Members Bhagwat Aarote and Adv. Shyam Badade suggested to find out reasons behind this. Appoint security guards at water purification centre in Panchavati considering menace of mal-elements, demanded Jagdish Patil.

Following these discussions, the chairperson made it clear that security guards will be appointed by district security board to provide security at water lifting centre, water purification centre, pumping station, booster and water tank. He also informed that e-tender process will be conducted to purchase guns for appointment of gun totting security guards for security of water purification centre and water tanks in Panchavati.

He instructed officials to construct wall compound around water supply department systems. In addition, taking immediate note of complaints by members, the chairperson instructed to transfer negligent volvemen immediately or retire them.

The issue of security at five swimming pools in the city also discussed. Some youths climb the wall and come for swimming at Nashik Road swimming pool. There is no security guard in afternoon. Drunkards are drinking liquor at the swimming pool, alleged Suryakant Lavate. He also demanded to make a fix policy regarding selling of meat in open. Members also complained about ghantagadi. Corporator Pravin Tidme asked the chairperson to make copy of agreement available immediately.

If pass of swimming pool is given at concessional rate annually to teachers and non-teaching staff like NMC employees, the revenue of NMC can be increased by Rs. 1.11 crore. Shashikant Jadhav tabled a proposal about this and the chairperson approved it.

Chairperson Shivaji Gangurde instructed administration not to sanction leave of water supply department employees, until satisfactory rain is recorded in the district.