Health dept starts helpline for ‘clean Nashik’


Nashik: After issue of uncleanliness in the city came to fore, NMC health sub-committee has taken serious note of this and started to work from this point of view. On the backdrop of this, citizens have to make their complaints related to health in their respective area directly to chairperson Satish Kulkarni. A landline number in the office of the chairperson has been given for this. The complaint will be resolved within 3-4 days after the day it is registered.

The NMC health sub-committee is taking efforts for improvement of health and medical related services since last few days and to provide them in time to citizens. The committee is working to participate citizens in clean and beautiful Nashik.

Chairperson Satish Kulkarni conducted a meeting briefing on the backdrop of this and informed about the helpline started by the committee. There are health related complaints among online complaints, informed chairperson Kulkarni and stated that the committee is not receiving information about this process immediately. A landline number of the chairperson’s office 0253 – 2310126 has been operationalised as helpline number to ensure that citizens can register their complaints directly with the health sub-committee and to resolve these immediately.

They can make their complaints about uncleanliness at public places, ghantagadi, dead animals, stray dogs and other health related issues. These complaints will be registered in the register which is kept in the chairperson’s office. They will be noted immediately and action will be taken immediately on those complaints which can be resolved immediately. Some complaints will be resolved within 3-4 days. In this way, citizens should use the helpline to keep Nashik clean and to maintain their health, urged Kulkarni. Health officer Dr. Sunil Bukane, medical superintendent Dr. Vijay Dekate and other officials were also present.

Though the chairperson has given the landline number 0253 – 2310126, citizens can make their complaints directly to medical and health department officials through their mobile phone numbers. They can make their complaints on mobile number 9422259115 of health officer Dr. Sunil Bukane and on mobile number 7768024646 of medical superintendent Dr. Vijay Dekate.

NMC issued notices to Indian Security Press, forest department office, district civil hospital, Panchavati police station and a renowned private hospital in Panchavati where larvae were found during inspection. If concerned fail to take action as per notice, they will be penalised, informed health officer Dr. Sunil Bukane.