Health depends on diet & lifestyle: Dr Chopda


Nashik: “Everyone should remain happy and try to prevent stress because we get angry very fast. With this stress increases and this stress becomes a cause for heart disease. Considering this, keep away from stress. Our health depends on our diet, lifestyle and thoughts,” stated Dr. Manoj Chopda.

Free health check up camp was organised jointly by primary health centre Savargaon and Magnum hospital, Nashik at Shri Swami Samarth temple hall in Savargaon. Dr. Chopda was speaking at that time. He said, “Stress is the cause of most diseases. Do not take anything too seriously. Keep mental state in good balance.

Man should be mentally tough. There is remarkable change in lifestyle of everyone today. Everyone says that they have no time, but it is jus a half truth. Everyone is wasting time on mobile and people do not follow time table for their meals. Minimum 3-4 km walk daily in the morning can keep the heart healthy. Lack of exercise is also a reason behind diseases.

“Considering this, we should walk daily and take 10,000 steps minimum. Try to walk 1 km in 10 minutes. It is essential to take 4000-5000 steps in the morning and take 5000-6000 steps through the rest of the day. Being happy is a key for long life,” Dr. Chopda added.

It is important to keep anger in control. Heart attacks happen due to this anger. Take pleasure from work. Be happy at the workplace. Make good communication with everyone. Follow eating time table. Reduce usage of salt and sugar. Eat 3-4 times in a day. Reduce quantity of white food items. Eat two vegetables and two fruits daily.

Do not take milk and other milk products in large quantity. Have food like medicine, he urged. Former MLA Maratrao Pawar presided over the programme. Health of as many as 216 heart patients was checked and they were given free treatment.