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Harihar Garh sees huge rush of tourists


Nashik: There is a rise in tourists visiting Harihar Garh in Trimabakeshwar tehsil. As 2,000 tourists on Sunday gathered on a Garh which has a capacity to handle 100 tourists only, the issue of safety came to the fore. The District Collector should provide his attention to this and make immediate measures, it is being demanded.

The height of Harihar Garh is 3,674 feet from sea level. This Garh is falling in Trimbakeshwar hill ranges. As this Garh is covered with greenery during monsoon season, tourists in large numbers visiting the Garh.“Some amateur tourists chose Harihar Garh to enjoy their Sunday. Following a sudden rise in the number of tourists, a chaotic situation prevailed there.

As there is a single way to climb and down the Garh, a huge rush was seen there. Youth clicked the photos of the rush and made them viral on social media.  The forest department has not made any arrangements there to control the tourists and their safety. In case there was chaos, a major mishap could occur there, said many researchers while speaking to Deshdoot Times.

Village Nirgudpada having a population of 200-250 people is situated on foothills of the Garh. Villagers in this village have got employment available in the form of providing food and drinking water to tourists. However, with the rise in tourists here, current facilities are not enough. Due to a sudden rush of tourists on Sunday, many tourists had to return with an empty stomach. The efforts should be made to develop the destination as a tourist spot and for employment generation, it is also being stated.

There is a possibility of chaos due to the rush of tourists at a single place. Mishaps generally occur while climbing down. Considering those places where are a single route to climb and down the Garh should be shut for tourists for some days.
– Sudarshan Kulthe, trekker and researcher, Nashik

Many tourist spots in Nashik district witness rush of amateur tourists during the monsoon season. Many forget about their safety due to over enthusiasm and mishaps occur. Take self precaution and take information about unknown places first before visiting them.
– Rahul Sonawane, trekker and researcher, Nashik

Stand of Deshdoot Times
Though the structure of Harihar Garh is complex, no mishap occurred still today after falling from Harihar steps route and peak. However, after seeing the rush on the route of steps, immediate measures will be required. The District Collector of Nashik, forest officials, archaeology department officials, researchers of fort and garhs, experts and rescue teams of trekkers should jointly visit Harihar Garh and make measures through this.


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