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Grape season getting delayed due to cold conditions


Nashik: Nashik district, which is known as grape capital is seen affected by changing weather conditions. Grape produce is taken on a large scale in Niphad taluka. As temperature here dipped to zero degree Celsius, grape producers are worried.

It is feared that rates of grapes may fall due to changing weather conditions. Besides this, it is being stated that grape season can be delayed for 15 days. Grape producers in Niphad taluka are worried once again as the temperature has dipped.

The crops have been affected twice this season due to cold conditions. The grape producers are affected by this on large scale and there is a danger that grapes may develop cracks. Development of grapes has been stopped.

Considering this, it is being stated that the season may be delayed by 15 days. As grape produce is not receiving the price at market, they are getting a low price. North Maharashtra is affected by chilling cold due to snowfall in Jammu-Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Grape farms are affected most by this. Grape producers have to light bonfires to save their grape production. This picture is seen in Niphad, Nashik and Dindori talukas.

” The grape plants have dead like condition during a chilling cold. As a result, nutrients do not reach to trunk and roots. The quality of grape is affected by this and it does not get a proper price.
                                                                   – Balasaheb Kshirsagar, grape producer

” There is a sudden change in cold conditions. With the melting of dew, the grape plant is affecting by this. The activity of the plant is slowing down due to this. The grape season is delayed and quality is lowering down.
                                                                 – Bhaskrrao Pangavhane, grape producer 


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