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Photo Gallery: Grape farms badly affected in Dindori tehsil


Ground Report by Bharat Pagare/ Dinesh Sonawane


Nashik: The delayed retreating rains have caused a heavy damage in Nashik district which is known as grape capital. Around 90% grape farm field in Ambevani, Varkheda, Tisgaon, Khedgaon, Bopegaon and other villages in Dindori tehsil was heavily damaged. The team of Deshdoot visited the affected villages on Friday to know the ground situation.

Grape, tomoato and soybean farms in the district and Dindori tehsil are receiving heavy rainfall for the last 7-8 days. The standing crop in this area is badly affected and grape producers have to face huge lossess this time. Following satisfactory rains this season, everything was good, however, retreating rains damaged standing crops, farmers are worried. Varkheda, Tisgaon and Sonjamb villages in Dindori tehsil have highest vineyards. Vineyards in this region have been badly affected and horticulture crops are badly damaged. Maze, soybean, bajra, jowar and onion crops are lost to heavy rains.

“The season of early grapes is wasted and nature has destroyed our standing crops. What are we going to eat now”, farmers said reacting to the situation.

Grape growers in Ambevani village do not lost hopes and they are trying to survive their farms with spraying of insecticides. Standing crop of paddy was also damaged. The situation is similar about soybean, tomato and maze crops. Maze crop blackened due to rains. There is less possibility of grape export this year. Grape growers are under much mental stress and government should declare aid immediately, demanded the farmers. Rainwater is accumulated in vineyards at Ambevani, Varkheda, Bopegaon, Tisgaon, Parmori and Khedgaon.
Around 90% grape vineyards have been spoiled. Farmers are cutting leaves to save the farms and removing rainwater from the trenches.

Grape growers have demanded that they be provided aid after assessment of crop losses, waive off entire crop loan, interest on it and provide crop loan again, waive off medium-term loans for three years and waive off government charge, education cess and electricity bill.

Elders in Varkheda and Ambevani informed that they have never seen such type of rainfall in their entire life. There is no heavy rainfall during these days, they stated. The area is receiving rains during the night for the last eight days. This loss will never be compensated, the elders said.

“We need crop insurance at the earliest”, said grape grower Vishal Vasant Navale from Varkheda village.
The standing crop of tomato has been destroyed by retreating rains, so I have now taken a crop of ladyfinger, informed another farmer Mangesh Uphade.

“We are saving grapes like a patient in ICU,” stated farmer Amol Bhalerao from Tisgaon. Grape crops received immense loss. Rs 10 had to pay for cutting of grapes, informed Bhanudas Bhavle.


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