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Godavari pollution issue: Activists question inaction


Nashik: After the Bombay High Court rebuked the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) and ordered to implement the report by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), the then Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna two years ago started to take penal action against those polluting Godavari river.

However, as NMC has stopped this action, environmentalists are asking why the action is stopped. As per the orders by the court, NMC administration had started to penalize those violating the Godavari with an initiative by the then Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna.

The Godavari basin had looked clean. Around 40 security guards had been appointed to keep vigil in the area from Ahilya Devi Holkar bridge to Rokdoba temple. Washing of clothes, vehicles, dumping of vegetable along the river bank and to put nirmalya into river water had been banned.

Before this, an independent police squad with a vehicle had been deployed. They had filed direct cases against those washing their vehicles and clothes into the river. However, after the police squad disappeared two years ago, NMC was maintaining vigil through security guards two years ago.

Former Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe had removed the security guards in 2018. As piles of garbage and dirt are seen around the Godavari basin and its surrounding areas, NMC administration seems neglecting the Godavari pollution.

At present, algae is seen in the water between Ahilyadevi Holkar bridge to Talkuteshwar temple. In addition, nirmalya is being dumped on a large scale into the river during the wee hours and night.

In addition, hawkers, shopkeepers, and vegetable vendors are making the area dirty. Nashikites and environmentalists are expressing their surprise over NMC inaction.

To prevent Godavari pollution, former Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna had declared a fine of Rs.1000 for the first offence. He had also declared to recover a fine of Rs. 5,000 for the second offence. This action was being taken by the health department’s sanitary inspector and mukadam.

The NMC has given a contract worth Rs. 43 lakh for one year to remove seaweeds, plastic and other wastes from Godavari river water. It is mandatory for the contractor to send information along with a photograph after completion of the work daily. However, workers are seen disappeared. Is NMC administration backing the concerned contractor, Nashikites are asking.


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