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Godavari cleaning: Purohit Sangh gets active

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Godavari cleaning: Purohit Sangh gets active


Pooja Tipre / NASHIK: Following the instructions by the Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishna Game, Purohit Sangh has started to take steps for maintaining cleanliness at Godaghat and to keep Godavari river clean.

As people give respect to the priests, Game entrusted this responsibility to Purohit Sangh. It is now its responsibility to ensure cleanliness at Godaghat and to spread awareness among devotees.

The priests have started to create awareness among the devotees and tourists. While speaking to Deshoot, a member of Purohit Sangh informed about the importance of Godavari.

As Godavari river has mythological significance, many devotees come here to perform the rituals. However, those roofless and beggars wash their clothes in the river. Many people wash their vehicles here. Some devotees dump nirmalya into the river.

Hence, the pollution of Godavari has risen. “Purohit Sangh is creating awareness among devotees. It is asking them to maintain the purity of Godavari. We are telling devotees and tourists to dump nirmalya in Nirmalya Kalash.

In addition, the Purohit Sangh plans to collect Gograas and take it to the cow shelter. We are also planning to put boards asking to maintain cleanliness. As people are respecting the priests, they are giving a positive response,” informed Satish Shukla, president of Purohit Sangh.

The relation between priests and devotees is like a Guru and Shishya. The devotees listen and respect the priests. It is a good thing that responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of Godavari has been given to the priests. As they consider the river as a mother, they will also work for maintaining its sanctity.
– Rajesh Pandit, activist


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