Global International organises 7-day summer camp


NASHIK: May 2017, Summer has dried up Nashik, but Global International school had weaved an evergreen pastures in the mind of kids, with fun games and various skill activities like yoga, painting, trekking, cooking without fire, art and craft, dance, English speaking, Zumba with parents, and field trip.

The Global International school had organsed a 7-day summer camp with the cordination and guidance of Ken Kendre sir.

Principal Bincy Robin Varghese, administrator Maroti Nagargoje apart from teachers Vijay Sir, Kanchan S , Dimple C, Harsha M, Vidya N, Harshada K, Pooja W, Ashwini J, Pooja S, Namrata R, Leena B and Sangeeta B provided valuable guidance to the students during the summer camp to make it fruitful.