Geetanjali Mahotsav enthrals Nashikites


Nashik: Karan Kiran’s Divine arts and motion studios following the legacy celebrated the 5th annual ‘Geentajali Mahotsav’ at Parashuram Saikhedkar Sabhagruha here offering tribute to their Guru Smt Geeta Gurudas Banerjee. The occasion also marked launching of the new dance ballet production ‘Punaragaman’ the love story of reincarnation…… The ballet depicted the story of how Parvati and Sati were the reincarnated form of each other. Shiva was played by Karan Kishan and Kiran Kishan depicted the character of Parvati.

The LED screen as background painted the scenes from the location of aghoris to Himalaya where Rati and Kaamdev tried to evoke Shiva from his meditation. Rati and Kamdev were played by the senior disciples of the institute Shrishti Dani & Gauri Salkar.

The invited kathak exponents added charm to the show by their performance. The Ravan Mandodari act presented by Sunil Sunkara and Paullomi Mukherjee a senior television actress (Mumbai) left the audience spell bound. Taal Dhamar was presented by Nidhi Prabhu (Mumbai) followed by Krishna Vandana by Shilpa Sonawane (Nashik). Ms Anupriya Chaterjee, a renowned playback singer for Colors channel added a different flavour to the show by her performances.

Smt. Geeta Gurudas Banerjee scholarship was awarded to Ms. Anuja Nikam for completing her entire edcation in Kathak. More than 100 artists presented their expertise on the stage. The costumes were designed by Alpana Kingrani and the event was managed by Kishan Kingrani.

The entire show was directed, ‘choreographed’ and scripted by Karan Kiran.
The costumes, LED screen backdrop and pure classical tracks added to the elegancy of the performances. Preceding to it were performances presented by the students of Divine arts and motion studios on various tracks like Vande Maataram, Panchaksharastotra, Tarana, Vrindawani Sarang etc.
The show was brilliantly anchored by Sunil Sunkara which connected the audience with the entire show. As a part of Mahotsav, Kathak workshop is conducted every year.

More than 80 participants were the part of workshop which was facilitated by Suchita Sakwaya, a senior exponent from Banaras. The show was the perfect blend of the classical form Kathak presented in a commercial manner.