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From 1869 to 2019 : Nashik District turns 150

नाशिक जिल्हा झाला दीडशे वर्षांचा! Latest News Nashik District Becomes One Fifty Year Old


Nashik District having a rich mythological, historic and cultural heritage has completed 150 years of its formation. With this, the district administration has geared up to celebrate post centenary golden jubilee year of the formation of Nashik District by organising various programmes and taking initiatives to depict the glorious journey of Nashik District since its formation in 1869 during British rule.

The district administration is to organise various programmes in the months of February and March to acquaint Nashikites with all-round development of Nashik District and its progress graph during various contemporary phases since the formation period. “The post centenary golden jubilee year will be celebrated by organising various programmes. Nashikites should participate in initiatives taken by the district administration to become a witness to the developing graph of Nashik District,” appealed district collector Suraj Mandhare.

In 1869, Nashik District was formed under the British rule eyeing as a major hub of revenue, business and trade. In 2019, the district has completed a glorious 150 years. In mythological and historic documents, we find a reference to Nashik. During the past 150 years of journey, Nashik District has made a remarkable contribution in all fields, be it agriculture, industrialisation, tourism, literature, sports, communication and transportation.

Collector Suraj Mandhare has taken an initiative to organise various programmes in February and March focusing on the district’s historical and geographical phases, food culture, literature and progress made in all the other sectors.

Nashik District is located between 18.33 degree and 20.53 degree North latitude and between 73.16 degrees and 75.16 degrees East Longitude at Northwest part of the Maharashtra state, at 565 meters above mean sea level. The District has a great mythological background. Lord Rama lived in Panchvati during his vanvas.

Agasti Rushi also stayed in Nashik for Tapasya. The Godavari river originates from Trimbakeshwar in Nashik. One of the 12 Jyotirlingas also at Trimbakeshwar. Nashik has to its credit many well known and towering personalities like Veer Savarkar, Anant Kanhere, Rev. Tilak, Babubhai Rathi, V V Shirwadkar and Vasant Kanetkar just name few.


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