Foothpaths worth Rs 5 cr to be constructed in the city


Nashik: People are affected on a large scale due to indisciplined vehicle parking along main roads in the city and they have to take utmost care while walking along the roads and crossing them. Taking note of this, Nashik Municipal Corporation has decided to develop three footpaths by spending Rs. 5 crore. Jehan Circle-Shahid Chowk foothpath in Gangapur Road area has been completed.

Citizens are suffering from encroachments on large scale and indisciplined vehicle parking along main roads in the city. As a result, there are traffic jams and traffic is affected by this. As there are no parking lots in the city and few rickshaw stops, city is facing traffic jams on a regular basis. Citizens are suffering due to this. They have to cross the roads with utmost care due to haphazard vehicle parking on the roads and along the roads. They have to toil hard while crossing the roads. School students and elder citizens are suffering on a large scale.

While stepping towards becoming a smart city, footpaths are essential for safety of citizens walking on the roads. Considering this, NMC has fixed a policy to construct footpaths along certain roads.

On the backdrop of this, Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna decided to develop foothpaths at three locations on an experimental basis by spending Rs. 5-6 crore. Footpaths along both sides of Jehan Circle to Shahid Chowk, Keshavrao More Road and Gadkari Chowk to Hotel Sandip will be constructed, he declared. While constructing these foothpaths, water pipeline, electricity cable, sewage and monsoon sewage will be planned in such a way that there is no need to break the foothpaths in future. As per this, NMC construction department has started the work.

First foothpath from Jehan Circle to Shahid Chowk along Gangapur Road has been developed on experimental basis. Guidance from ITDP institute has been taken for development of this footpath. This foothpath having 3-metre width has been constructed in a way that citizens can use it easily. It will be easy for elder citizens, women, little children and disabled to use this footpath. Two more foothpaths will be developed soon. Students and elder citizens who are walking along the roads in these areas will get relief.

Planning has been done to construct foothpaths at main market areas and places of rush in the city phasewise. This will help in resolving traffic jam to some extent, stated city engineer U B Pawar.