Five-year-old girl killed by cousin


Nashik: A 22-year-old person from Ghoti has been arrested for allegedly taking the life of his five-year-old relative.

The victim was a daughter of a farm labourer, a resident of Avali Dhumala in Igatpuri disappeared on May 31 around 7.15 pm from her home and was reported missing with Ghoti police station since then.

According to the rural police officials, the victim was lured by her cousin during evening hours under the pretext of giving chocolate and took her near Vaitarna dam on the outskirts of the village.

“Primary investigations reveal the accused attempted to abuse her sexually. However, when she resisted and raised the alarm, the accused stoned her to death,” a senior official said.

He added the accused then buried the victim and returned Thane where he was working. The victim’s body was recovered on Wednesday morning after the suspect revealed the place of incident.

“On the evening of the incident, the victim was playing with her friend outside her house. However, later when the victim’s father called for her she did not respond. When he went out to look for her in the neighbourhood, she couldn’t be found.

The next day her father registered a case of kidnapping and missing against an unknown person with the Ghoti police station.

The police during investigation looked for possible suspects visiting the village and other suspicious activities of any individual.

Interestingly, they learned that the suspect about the victim’s family was residing for the past two weeks.
The accused working as a cook in a Vashind based roadside restaurant in Thane had visited them and returned after the victim went missing.

The accused house was also close to the victims’.
When the cops interrogated him, he admitted having committed the crime. He also revealed that he killed the child and buried her body close by in a desolate place.

The city court granted the police custody for the accused until June 19 on Wednesday.