First International Mallakhamb Day celebrated with stunning display


Nashik: One of Nashik’s oldest gyms — Yashwant Vyayamshala — celebrated first International Mallakhamb Day with stunning display of pole gymnastics by the participants from ages 4 to 80-years.

June 15 has been declared as International Mallakhamb Day. The Mallakhamb (literally meaning wrestler’s pole) is an age-old traditional Indian sport which demands immense strength, fluidity and skill. The day was inaugurated at Yashwant Vyayamashala here in key presence of district sports official Ravindra Naik, former dy mayor Gurmeet Bagga and senior coordinator Abasaheb Ghadge by performing poojan of the Mallakhamb.

Vice chairman Raghunath Mahabal, Chhatrapati award winners Ashok Dudhare and Anand Khare, Satyapreet Shukla of Trimbak Vyayamshala, Girish Loya and Kiran Kavishware were also present.

“International Mallakhamb Day is an important day for sports and everybody must recognize its importance,” said sports official Naik. He appealed to various institutions for promoting sports events like Mallakhamb on a wider scale, assuring that government will extend its full cooperation and assistance to promote the Mallakhamb sports.

Present and past sports personalities including Ulhas Kulkarni, Ramesh Vaze, Kiran Kavishwar, Girish Jadhav, Datta Shirsat, Prakash Kasar, Pramila Jadhav, Tejaswini Joshi, Shraddha Bhalerao, Purv Shelke, national gold medalist Uttara Khanapure, Mahak Khairnar, Tanaya Gaidhani, Chanchal Mali, Aditi Garge, Akshay Khanapure, Rishikesh Thakur and Bhavik Makwana also registered their active participation to mark the day.

As many as 20 gymnastic players and their trainers/instructors from village Kothur also displayed their stunning stunts to celebrate the day.
Maharashtra Mallakhamb Association and Bharatiya Mallakhamb Association are taking special efforts to extend the reach of the game on national as well as international arena.