Fire cracker sale banned in residential area


Nashik : Following Supreme Court order to ban fire cracker sale in Delhi, fire cracker sale in residential area has also been banned in state. The Mumbai High Court issued orders regarding this. Police commissionerate will implement them strictly, informed Police Commissioner Dr. Ravinder Kumar Singal.

He said that they did not received complete information about what High Court mentioned in the order, but it is coming to light that fire cracker sale banned in the residential area. Order will be strictly implemented. Notices were issued to those fire cracker sellers who breached the rules. A meeting of fire cracker sellers was conducted in the police commissionerate and instructions have been issued regarding storage of fire crackers and other things. The number of fire cracker sellers who have permanent licence is four in the city and licences are being issued to others on temporary basis, Dr. Singal informed.

On the backdrop of Mumbai High Court decision, the Police Commissioner issued a notification and the rules will be applicable for the period between October 1 to November 6. As per rules, more than 50 fire cracker stalls will not be allowed at single place. If there is more than 50 stall holders, a separate group of them will be formed and they have to maintain a distance of 50-metre between both groups. There will be ban on those fire crackers which make noise from 10 pm to 6 am.

Fire crackers are banned within 100-metre distance from school, court and silence zone. Offences will be registered against those breach the rules.