Fast-unto-death agitation by teachers begins


Nashik Road: The teachers have started to observe fast-unto-death agitation opposite the divisional commissionerate to press for their various demands.

Around 120 teachers from the division have started sit-in agitation since last week, but as there was no decision, it was decided to observe fast-unto-death agitation. Vikram Kothule, Yogesh Shinde, Sandip Nikam, Hemant Pagar and other teachers participated in the agitation. Aurangabad bench of Mumbai High Court and the Chief Minister ordered education department to absorb 1185 teachers and non-teaching staff in state. Teachers have started agitation against decision by education department.

Central government has made preparations for development of disabled students from their school life itself. It had paid salaries of teachers since 2009. It also approved 60% financial provision. The government had sent 1183 teachers to home. As government failed to take decision about this, teachers have started the agitation.