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Farmers unhappy over govt subsidy


Gaurav Pardeshi

NASHIK: The state government on Thursday announced Rs 200 per quintal onion subsidy days after farmers in Nashik sent money orders to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to mark their protest against plummeting prices.

The subsidy can be derived for onions sold between November 1 and December 15 with a limit of 200 quintals per farmer. Minister Girish Mahajan said, “Cabinet has approved Rs 150 crore as relief to onion farmers who had to sell their produce at very low prices.”
However, farmers in the district are not happy. They stated that this subsidy is not sufficient to recover their onion production cost. The farmers had earlier demanded to give minimum Rs. 1000 per quintal onion subsidy.

The prices of onions crashed in the district in the last two months. As onion is getting the very low price, farmers are in much distress. Some places in the district witnessed protests by angry farmers.


25 quintal and winter onion yield per acre is 60 to 70 quintal. Considering onion production cost, the government should provide minimum Rs.1000 per quintal subsidy on the basis of no profit no loss basis. This will help in recovering the production cost.
-Subhash Jadhav, onion producer

We were hoping that the government give Rs. 1000 per quintal onion subsidy to onion producing farmer. The subsidy of Rs. 200 is not enough to recover the onion production cost. The government is trying to show that they are caring for farmers. It is involved in a show-off.
-Ranjeet Gunjal, onion producer


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