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Farmer comits suicide


Nashik : A farmer from Avankhed village in Dindori tehsil committed suicide by hanging himself to a mango tree in his farm on Wednesday.. The suicide note that he left back said that he was burdned by debt and was unable to pay the loan taken from the finance socities and bank.

Ramnath Jadhav (55) was tilling his land with his family at Avankhed but was tired of the challenges of agriculture that did not seem to cease. The note he left mentioned that he was unable to cope with the consitent failing of crops, drought, lower rates to produce, increasing debt loan burden, increasing costs of seeds and fertilizers, falling rates of grapes, financial responsibilities of marriages in the family and illnesses.

He stated that it was due to these reasons that he was ending his life. It is understood that he had a loan debt of Rs 10 lakhs and a day earlier he had recieved a letter from the financial institution’s recovery department to pay the loan amount. While other farmers in the region stated that the problems are rising, they felt that the government should help in this situation of stress. Political leaders from Congress and Shiv Sena have demanded that government should extend a hand of help..

Shiv Sena leader Sunil Patil has also asked the financial institutions to use restraint in recovery from small farmers and instead turn to big fish to whom they have favoured.


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