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Fare hike by auto rickshaw drivers is illegal


Nashik: The city auto-rickshaw drivers in the city have hiked the fare without any consideration of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Committee and it is illegal, informed RTO Nashik. If the complaint is received from people, the RTO has said to take strict action against such auto rickshaw drivers.

The RTO office informed that the auto rickshaw driver has a permission to carry only 3 passengers at a time, according to the permit given. The Commissioner of Police ordered to carry passengers as per the permit and not to hike the fare. The auto rickshaws in the city were running with five to six passengers at a time.

After calling for only three passengers, the auto rickshaw drivers have hiked the fares by Rs 5 to Rs 20. As soon the RTO became soft in action the auto drivers again started with five to six passengers but with hiked fare prices.

To control the fare hike the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) committee is established under the president ship of the District Collector. In this committee the RTO, city traffic authorities, social workers, dignitaries, auto rickshaw union representatives are included.

The committee together decides about the fare hike with taking the fuel prices, capacity of vehicle and maintenance in consideration.  The decision about the fare price hike can only be taken by this committee. The RTO has said that the passengers should not give the fare as per the illegally hiked prices.

Strict Action
“The fare price hike by the auto rickshaws driver is totally illegal. The passengers are requested not to pay higher fares. The passengers should give direct complain to us. The RTO will definitely take action against such auto rickshaw drivers. The passengers should come forward and help the RTO.
– Bharat Chaudhari, Deputy Regional Transport Officer


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