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Excess of police security


Nashik: Due to security checkup, the arrangement of vehicle parking at a far distance, ban on food items and water bottles and seating arrangement in blocks, citizens left the public meeting place after the start of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address.

There was excess by police in the name of security. As police took out handbag, water bottles, and food items from the people, they had to seat with empty stomach facing summer heat.

The public meeting was held on the empty ground on Jopul road at Pimpalgaon Baswant. The force of around 3000 police personnel was deployed for this public meeting. In addition, 65 members of special protection force which are handling the security of the Prime Minister were monitoring the situation.

The security around pandal was very tight. 75 metal door detectors had been installed at the entry. Besides this, police were checking people through hand metal detectors. People had been urged to be present at the public meeting place two hours before.

Arrangement for parking of 25,000 vehicles had been made near a hill opposite the pandal. Citizens had to walk a distance of 1 km to reach the site. 65 security entrances had been made at the site.

Police who were not allowing to bring water bottle, elders’ stick, black-coloured handkerchief, scarf, carry bag took out ballpen from many. Due to excess by police, many preferred to return from the public meeting site.

Police were not allowing those who wore a black shirt or t-shirt. Citizens had to pass a long distance due to the block system. As drinking water system was not sufficient, citizens had to seat four hours without food and water.

In addition, there was a delay in Modi’s arrival. Many left the public meeting site after the start of Modi’s address. The number of people at the site reduced to half within some minutes.

The arrangement of food for citizens had been made at two locations. The vehicles having food packets had been parked at a distance of a half kilometre from the pandal. Citizens in large numbers rushed to them.

Many fled with a large box of food. There were scuffles among many over food packets. Mobile of some were missing. Finally, the police drove away the vehicle from there. As drinking water bottles were not allowed, citizens dumped them there. Water bottles, cold drinks and biscuit packets were scattered there.

Empty water bottles were seen in many places. Masks of the Prime Minister, the symbol of BJP and banners were thrown after the meeting.


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