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Equality is the result of stable mature thought : Deglurkar Maharaj


Nashik: The equality preached by saints is not in any specific limited terms but includes the whole of mankind. Equality does not mean sameness in all terms as life also has its varieties.

The ability to appreciate this variety in equality is the real essence of life, stated Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar Thursday while delivering his third and last lecture at Late Bastiramji Sarda memorial lecture series on the topic ‘Santana Apekshit Samajik Samata Samaj Ka Sweekarat Nahi?’ – why does not society accept the social equality as propagated by saints at Parshuram Saykhedkar auditorium.

The preaching of saints speak of equality of mankind which is beyond worldly ways as the world in which we live is full of differences and varieties. These are bound to exist. For example not all can work on one post or draw one pay for the work they do.

There are bound to be difference in the way people work and the way they see life. Equality does not mean that differences will vanish. It is also possible to grow above the differences or negate it but they will continue to exist.

One can ignore them for themselves but can’t wish them away. The preaching of the saints speak of equality which is beyond the differences. The Indian philosophy speak of unity in diversity and the saints also speak of the same.

Speaking on the system of life the revered speaker said that if we intend to change the system than it should be change by leaving aside the drawbacks of the earlier system. If the drawbacks continue in the changed system, there is no point in making the change. As it is, that which is redundant is discarded by the new system, it changes on its own. When this generation grows up they will have a different way of life.

Things which are important to us now may not be important to them a few years later. But still we have to accept this as change is inevitable. The thought of equality preached by saints is based on the philosophy which is same to all. Equality is the result of stable mature thought.

While concluding his lecture, Chaitanya Maharaj mentioned his relations with Sarda family since last three generations. Director of Daily Deshdoot Rameshwar Sarda proposed the vote of thanks. 56th Late Bastiramaji Sarda memorial lecture series will be organised on December 28, 29 and 30, 2019, he informed.


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