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Environmental balance through bio-diversity; Unidirectional efforts needed


Nashik: There is an urgent need to jointly work on protecting the bio-diversity of our eco system if the earth is to maintain its balance for a good living, opined the environmental experts at Deshdoot Samwad Katta held on Saturday on the digital platform of www.deshdoot.com on the occasion of International Bio-diversity Day to be marked on May 22.
Stating that variety of species is the essence of environmental balance, the panel comprising of Pramod Gaikwad – Social Network Forum, bird lover and conservationist Anil Mali, Swaroop Dandnaik from Earthcare Design, Oan Dilawar – environmental and Rajesh Pandit – river activist, stressed on the need for participation by all agencies in one direction to achieve the desired goal effectively.
Stating that a lot of people have been working in planting trees and increasing the green cover but it is important to note that most of the trees planted over years are not native Indian species and hence they do not support the biodiversity conservation. It is important not only to plant a tree but to ensure that it can grow in this soil and conditions, stated Pramod Gaikwad.
We need to plant such trees and saplings which will attract the birds, butterflies and bees for they are an integral part of our eco system. There is no point in only shouting that species are getting extinct but there is a need to work to maintain the balance of nature, opined Anil Mali. He also gave an example of dedicated efforts in one of the villages in Nashik to increase the vulture population. All it takes is a proper direction and participation from the locals, he said of his experience.
Stating that it is also the responsibility of the common man to take urgent steps to help conserve the eco system, Oan Dilawar said that every person irrespective of his profession must contribute in whichever small ways he can. Stating that protecting the mountains and trees on it is imperative for the river eco system to co-exist, Rajesh Pandit said that awareness amongst children and youth can go a long way to help change the picture.
Speaking about the role of waste created by humans in disturbing the whole aspect eco system and bio diversity, Swaroop Dandnaik said that plastic is playing the role of a major culprit in causing problems to animals and birds. It is for all of us to segregate waste at source and take care that it is minimised. He also spoke of the role of chemical pesticides that is polluting the soil and the groundwater resources finally endangering the biodiversity in the rivers.
All the experts stressed that common efforts in single direction to achieve the common goals of conservation of native trees and thereby the birds and animals living on it is the need of the hour.


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