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Encroachment of rickshaw trouble for citizen


Nashik: The work of the next stretch of smart road has started. The progressive work has been started in the CBS Signal area. However, due to encroachment by the rickshaws and other hawkers on the road at all places. Due to this encroachment walkers and two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers have felt unsafe while driving and walking.

The road stretch between Trimbaka Naka to Ashok Stambh developed as a smart road. This single road has been open to traffic. Since the last three or four days, this work has been started in the CBS bus stand premises. Due to this the traffic crisis is being created. In particular, barricading has been put in place to stop the traffic, but rickshaw has been parked at the place.

CBS is the central part of the city. So, there have always rush and traffic. However, over the past few days, people have to suffer due to the rickshaws at CBS, Meher signal and Ashoka stambh. Since the closure of the CBS Signal Smart Road work, the barricading has made the rickshaw stand.

Due to this, other drivers including passengers were facing problems and inconveniences. Rickshaws have been a park on the road between CBS to Kanherwadi. Therefore, those who go to Kanherwadi have to search their own way.

Rickshaws are being a park on the streets of CBS, Meher signal and Ashok stambh, along with barricading. On the road going to Tilakwadi and Mela Bus stand there are barricading outside the bus stand. There is Rickshaws Park. Therefore, the problem of ST buses turning is increase.

The traffic officials are being neglected those entire things. Considering the increasing number of complaints, there has been a need to give serious attention to the Nashik Smart City Corporation.

Roads blocked due to unauthorized rickshaw traffic in CBS, Trimbak Naka, Meher signal, Ashok Stambh area. One side of the Meher signal, CBS, Ashok stambh, has been blocked by the auto-rickshaw. There is no towing action against the rickshaw on these roads. due to which the road blockage has increased.

Therefore, citizens have to face traffic congestion problems in the evening.
No parking facility is available on the smart road. Therefore, if the customers want to come to the shops in the neighborhood, then they have raised questions about where to park their vehicles. Shop keepers have expressed the possibility that there will be an adverse impact on the business as there is no parking facility.


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