Emergency load-shedding starts in state


Nashik : Citizens have to face load-shedding during festive time. Considering deficit of power due to shortage of coal and rise in demand, an emergency load-shedding has been started in urban area along with rural area in state.

As prior information has not given about the load-shedding, people are getting angry against Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. Effect of the load-shedding is being felt on industries-businesses in the city. The situation will remain same for next two weeks, it is being estimated.

Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited has suffered, as it is not getting coal in enough quantity from Coal India since last few months. Currently, temperature is increasing and demand for power in state has reached 17,900 megawatt. Comparatively, 15,700 megawatt power is being generated. As there is deficit of 2200 megawatt power, load-shedding period has been extended.

As city is feeling ‘October heat’, there is increase in power demand. When availability of 6,500 megawatt power is expected from MAHAGENCO, there is shortage of 2200 megawatt power. Currently, 4700 megawatt power is being available from MAHAGENCO, while 1700 megawatt power is being available from Adani company. 500 megawatt power is being available from Ratan India and 3400 megawatt power is being available from central projects.

1200 megawatt power is being available from thermal power projects, whereas 380 megawatt power is being available from Uran project and 580 megawatt electricity is being available from CPGL. Citizens have to face load-shedding until supply of coal is not regularised.

Load-shedding is as follows : Group Hours : A 3.15, B 4, C 4.45, D 5.30, E 6.15, F 7, G1 7.45, G2 8.30, G3 9.15