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E-Peek Pahani app for farmers



Farmers will no more need to visit talathi office for registering the information of the crops sown in their farms on 7/12 extract. They will get a facility to upload photos of crops through their mobile phones with the help of e-Peek Pahani app.

After verification of available photos and places, talathi will register information about the crop on 7/12 extract. The state government has started this application in association with Tata Trust. It is pilot project currently running in 6 tehsils viz.

Achalpur, Kamathi, Dindori, Wada, Phulambri, and Baramati on an experimental basis. This app helps farmer for self crop reporting of crop data and crop stages. The status of the crops and the crops sown by the farmers is kept in the Talathi office.

Photo of the crop will be uploaded to the mobile app using the GPS system. The farmers themselves can download this app and register their crops. As gratitude and latitude will be registered in the app, the location of the farm will be known.

This system will soon be implemented in the entire state. This app is attached to land records department The talthi will check the information recorded by the farmers. The relevant information will then be submitted to the government.

As a result, the government will get accurate and accurate information. Therefore, what crops are sown on the area and how much produce can they get. What measures need to be taken for that. It is possible for the government to make pre-planning decisions in this regard.

As help of google map and geo-tagging is taken, false information will not be accepted. Talthi will verify the information within two weeks and register information about the status of crop and other related things on 7/12 extract.


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