Dozens of illegal weapons seized from district and city in a fortnight


Nashik: The Nashik rural police have seized dozens of country made pistols in a drive that lasted for a fortnight. The cops launched a district wide drive on May 3. The drive was initiated on the backdrop of recent murders that were reported to the Nashik and Ahmednagar police.The alleged murders were committed using these country made pistols smuggled from neighbouring states of Maharashtra.
“The drive was initiated on May 3, after the directions of senior officials and it was conduycted across places like Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Nashik rural, Dhule and Nandurbar,” an official said.
Action according to the law were taken against the offenders, criminals and anti-social elements possessing these weapons.
A total number of 61 cases have been registered across the district in which 78 arrests have been made, the police said. “A total of eight pistols, 18 country made pistols, 27 live cartridges, 42 swords, five knives and other 11 deadly weapons have been seized by the police,” the official said.
The Nashik rural police have appealed to share information about people who may be illegally possessing weapons threatening the lives of the citizens. The cops can be informed through messages, WhatsApp and e-mail id of the Nashik rural police.
Meanwhile, the issue is not only rampant in rural areas, the Nashik city police have seized at least 10 country made pistols in the month of May alone this year.
According to the data obtained from the police, as many as 19 country made pistols were seized from the month of April. These deadly weapons were possessed by serious offenders involved in murders.
The officials said that these weapons were brought from the neighbouring states and the criminals were trading these weapons to others apart from using them for crimes like house break-ins and extortion.